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Small Hydropower Plants in Serbia

Hydropower, and particularly small hydropower, is not environmentally and socially responsible energy.

Breathtaking mountain rivers in Serbia, the main source of freshwater supply in the country, are in peril because of small hydropower plants. Once rich in biodiversity, and a source of life for many communities, these rivers are rapidly degraded to gapping dry riverbeds that endanger survival of the surrounding ecosystems. 

In addition, small hydropower plants are a flood hazard during, now annual, violent rainfall. By obstructing the regular river flow, small hydropower plants create from flash floods raging torrents that frequently demolish entire surrounding villages and municipalities. In the most recent flood, June 23, 2020, in western Serbia, one small hydropower plant caused river Moravica to build up to such a degree that the crashing of the water ripped off not only the riverbank but also the interstate highway, cutting off residents from the major transportation network. Residents of the nearby town, who were against this small hydropower plant from its planning phase, were left with 75% of their homes and businesses under water.

Small hydropower industry severely damages nature and threatens communities, and should be treated like fossil fuel industry. 

Main culprits are nefarious politicians. Corruption is at all-times high in Serbia. Zorana Mihajlovic, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, is illegally issuing construction permits for small hydropower plants without proper Environmental Impact Assessment reports. Ms. Mihajlovic secured a construction of a small hydropower plant even in UNESCO-protected Golija-Studenica Biosphere Reserve, a nature park with highest restrictions that should protect the park from development. In addition to Ms. Mihajlovic, the president of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic, as well as the Primer Minister Ana Brnabic, and the Minister of Energy Aleksandar Antic are deeply involved in the small hydropower corruption scheme. These Serbian politicians use taxpayers money to subsidize small hydropower investors, paying them at quadrupled prices, and then receive a portion of the profits. 

Combination of corruption and ignorance among politicians is twice as damaging for Serbian ecosystems. Ms. Brnabic and Mr. Antic are deceiving Serbian citizens by insisting that even most environmentally conscious countries such as Switzerland and Norway support and promote small hydropower plants, and that Serbia should follow suit. Switzerland and Norway have utterly dissimilar geographic characteristics from Serbia that make these two countries particularly abundant in rivers. That is not the case with Serbia. When European countries are compared based on their average annual runoff coefficient, Serbia ranks among the poorest in the region. Average annual runoff is a method of comparing rivers in different countries.

In 2018, European Parliament issued a Resolution in which it “calls on the Serbian Government to adopt the necessary measures to preserve protected areas with regard, in particular, to the development of hydroelectricity plants in environmentally sensitive areas such as Stara Planina Nature Park,” however so far, nothing has been done to halt the indiscriminate proliferation of small hydropower plants in Serbia.

We need international help to save our rivers.

Please consider supporting our work in Serbia: https://novastaraplanina.com/en/donacija/

Please consider supporting our work in Serbia: https://novastaraplanina.com/en/donacija/

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